“It is my honor and pleasure to highly recommend Kelly Stack as a magnificent and wonderful health coach and person. Kelly touched my life in a beautiful way, and I could not be more grateful for her and life for the things I learned and the shift my life took after a couple of conversations with her. It was difficult for me to be open to new perspectives on food, diet, spirituality, consciousness, and how to cope with past unpleasant experiences because of my orthodox scientific training, but Kelly helped me to understand, accept, and deal with many circumstances that were making me unhappy.

It did not take me long to realize that Kelly was more than a health coach; in my opinion she is a psychologist, sociologist, yogi, scholar, mystic, human rights activist, and friend, and she has one of the most gorgeous souls I have ever encountered. Kelly helped me to gather confidence, trust, and inner peace. She also helped me develop better relationships with family, coworkers, and friends, and with all of my surroundings, especially food and love. I am really impressed with her professionalism, wisdom, and ability to approach a diverse variety of people with problems to solve, and how she gains the trust of people to share, to be open and to get them ready in the path for positive change. I hope you have the luck I had… I hope you can meet her and work with her, and hope all beauty and love fills your life again. – Octavio R., Tijuana

“Kelly Stack is for real. She listens, she senses, and she’s not only able to define and focus on goals when working with clients, but to help us understand the steps to accomplish those goals.  What impresses me most about her- beyond her expertise and passion for helping others- is her ability to convey the (intimacies and intricacies)* intimate relationship between food and health. We should all eat as though the lives we wish for depend on it.  Kelly can show us how. – Tom C., Dallas, Texas

“I have known Kelly for the better part of a decade, during which time I have been privileged to see her evolve and flourish in ways that are wonderful to consider.  When I first met Kelly, I was her Professor at Mills College in California.  Her intelligence was immediately apparent but she was somewhat of a restless soul who was searching for her identity as many college students are.  When Kelly was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, her world was turned upside down.  She treated the diagnosis not as an anchor or a sentence, but as a challenge that she was equal to. Her reading, academic scholarship, as well as her spiritual exploration, expanded in many directions as she sought to find her way.

We have remained close friends although we live on opposite coasts. She is an amazingly insightful woman, possessing the wisdom of one much older.  She has an excellent mind but she also has the perspective of one who has been dealt a poor hand and has turned it into a winning one. While I have been Kelly’s teacher, she has also been my teacher, and she does her counsel with great respect, gentleness and joy. I look forward to the trajectory of her career. – Delaine Eastin, California Superintendent of Public Instruction (retired), Davis, CA

“Kelly naturally and authentically embodies her passion for sharing the joy of sattvic nourishment.  Her knowledge of meals that support deep health and nourishment, and the wonder of experiencing a relationship with food based on nurturance and mindfulness, is an inspiration, which has empowered me to explore this further in my own life.  Her compassionate approach is rooted in a sense of personal integrity that simply serves as a beautiful example of how to live in connection with new horizons of possibility. – Katja, Chapel Hill, NC

“Kelly brings to her interactions an intense interest and focus on the person she’s with. She listens with compassion, and supports developing self-compassion. She’s caring, interested, positive, and creative, and has a host of tools to help forge new and healthier habits.”  –Bernadette B., Chapel Hill, NC

“Kelly is deeply committed to helping people cultivate a healthy lifestyle that will help to bring balance into their lives. Her knowledgeable and holistic approach towards diet, exercise, meditation and other beneficial lifestyle changes inspires a gentle, realistic way to create long lasting positive change. Her kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental nature helps to inspire sustained effort even when the going gets tough. I highly recommend her. – Erin S., Newburyport, MA

“Kelly has a deep and sincere love and reverence for life.  She is an explorer and practitioner of what is possible for optimum human wholeness.  Her compassion and gentleness combine well with her intellect and sense of purpose to offer others the helping hand, encouragement and know-how they need to move forward and thrive.
– Lisa N., Pittsboro, NC

I was fortunate to attend a group where Kelly facilitated a discussion related to mindful eating.  She gently and compassionately shared information from a heart-centered place that included research data, mindfulness and self-compassion materials, personal experience and tips for shifting our relationship to food, eating, our bodies and our lives.  I came away changed, having been moved by the gentle, loving perspective that pervaded her conversation with the group.  Being with Kelly in conversation about these issues was an easy gentle step in the direction of a healthier relationship to life for me.  I am profoundly grateful for my relationship with her.” – Sharon H., Durham, NC