Starting from Here and Now – The New Website

A few weeks ago I made the discovery that my entire website had been lost. All of the content, everything, was gone. The site, which I had made a big financial investment in, and spent a huge amount of time creating content for, was gone without a trace. Thank goodness for perspective, because otherwise this could have felt completely devastating! I am not saying this was a painless discovery. It was an EXPENSIVE lesson that will surely stay with me. I had all sorts of unpleasant thoughts come up, “How could I have let that happen?” “How could I be so irresponsible?,” but thankfully, I didn’t get caught up in them. I was able to notice the thoughts and feelings as they were coming up, and allow them to move through, as I focused on doing what I needed to do, and move forward with getting a new site started.


I can honestly say that I am grateful that it happened when it did. At the time, I had taken an official break from coaching to focus on finishing my book. If this had happened during a time when I was actively working with people, or seeking new clients, it would have felt like a much bigger issue! I was also very fortunate in that the winter is apparently a slow season for website designers, and my talented friend Linda at Ruby Red Design Studio, was able to scramble, work her big ol’ heart out, and get a new site together in time for my official re-launch date. I have also taken this as an opportunity to start from scratch with the site content. In the past, I had been exposed to a lot of marketing knowledge that was based completely on selling. Some of it was gimmick-y, and felt inauthentic to me, and yet I did get caught up in it to a degree, because I had been told that this is what was necessary to attract the people I was going to help. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of years about communicating authentically, and it’s an ongoing practice, but WOW – it is coming much more naturally to me than it used to. So, even though I had snippets of content saved from the old site and it would have been much easier to just copy and paste from that, I’ve chosen to rewrite all of it from what I’m feeling here and now, totally from the heart. This has felt really rewarding already and the site now feels like a much more accurate depiction of me, my work, and what I am here to offer people.


Reviewing some of my old blog posts, I’m struck by how much has changed over the last few years. It’s apparent in so many ways, including in my writing style, perspectives and just the general feel of things. So I will be reposting some older blog posts here and there, some of them edited and updated, but for the most part, I am using this as a fresh start. Instead of focusing on anything that was lost, I am embracing this opportunity to start over from where I am, and trusting that the wisdom that is coming through now is what will most serve my readers.


So, more posts to come! It feels liberating and exciting to release attachment to what was old and outdated, and to have a fresh start, from right here, right now. Ahhh.

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