Offerings: Coaching and Energy Healing 

I offer 60-minute coaching sessions and 90-minute energy healing sessions, for individuals, couples, and others in intimate relationship. All coaching and counseling is currently offered through Skype or in my home healing space in Saxapahaw, NC.

Sacred Sexuality and Relationship

Learn to connect more deeply and lovingly with your body. Learn to be profoundly present and intimate with yourself and with others. Release old beliefs and step into your power! Discover deeper pleasure and connect with your sexual life force! I will meet you where you are and lovingly, gently hold space for whatever will best serve you. This is not about getting to any particular goal or thinking you “should” be any particular way. We can stay very much on the surface, or go into the depths. Whatever feels most right to your individual being.

These coaching sessions are based around connection, embodiment, intimacy, trust, authentic communication, spiritual connection, femininity, masculinity, sexual intimacy, and whatever else wants to come through! You do NOT need to be in a sexual relationship to benefit from this type of coaching or energy healing. In fact, in the words of the great Sheri Winston, your primary sexual relationship is with YOURSELF, so the foundation of any work we do will be based on your connection with yourself – with your deepest self, with your body, with your thoughts and beliefs, with the Divine within you. From here, the magic can be brought into relationship and open up possibilities of pleasure, intimacy, and connection beyond what you’ve ever imagined. Maybe you’re not ready for the pleasure…maybe you want that, but first you have some hard, uncomfortable shit to deal with! Perfect. I can relate…and I’m here to hold space for all of it, in a way that brings loving support to even the most difficult areas of exploration. Needless to say, there’s a rich, beautiful range that these sessions can take :).

Energy healing sessions are based on a sweet and gentle, hands-on, fully-clothed practice, in which we engage energy and light, loving touch, integrating the entire body. This work is the most profound and direct way I have come across to help people connect more deeply and lovingly with their bodies, to release old trauma, and to connect in with their vital life force and true power. I’m also passionate about teaching those in partnership to engage in this type of healing together. My personal experience with this work has been what has helped me feel more whole, free, and empowered than I ever knew was possible. It is a blessing and an honor to now be able to offer this form of profound healing and empowerment!

Coaching and energy-based sessions are available for both individuals and partners.

Sensual Embodiment

Sensual embodiment is all about helping individuals tap into what wants to be felt and expressed by their individual body, so it takes many forms and each session looks different. It’s an invitation for people to feel supported in moving into more fully inhabiting, feeling, enjoying, and loving their bodies. It’s a meditative experience, dropping out of your thinking mind and nurturing your body through free-form movement, loving touch, sounding, visualization, and other practices – whatever feels most right for you. We could also easily spend an entire session (or several) talking about whatever is present for you around sensuality, embodiment, and pleasure, or anything else that comes up.

Sensual Embodiment is especially wonderful for people who are drawn to dance or other forms of self expression, but feel self conscious and don’t know where to start. Really, it’s simply delicious for anyone who has a body and wants to experience more freedom, expression, and pleasure. It’s accessible to anyone, regardless of physical ability and can be adapted with more of a visualization and energy-focus for those with more extreme physical limitations.

Holistic Wellness

Everything is connected! It is impossible to step fully into your sensuality or sexual power if your body is not being supported with nourishing foods, movement, and the many other sources of nourishment and balance we need in order to fully flourish. Obviously, my big focuses are pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy, but I’m also hugely focused on general self care. I have a wealth of information and resources to draw on from years as a Holistic Health Coach and from my own healing journey. All coaching sessions are based on what any given individual (couple, etc) is needing and as such, can be a blend of everything you see here! We will draw on and explore whatever is going to be most supportive for your process.



I offer free mini-sessions, so that we can connect and get a feel for what it would be like to work together. In these sessions, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for, explore ways that I can help you, and find out whether it feels like a good fit. To schedule your free Discovery Session, follow the link below:

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