Flourishing with Chronic Illness

Flourishing with Chronic Illness is a special body of work, dedicated to helping people who are living with chronic conditions to see that they have the power to shape the experience of their own lives. In our society we have become overly dependent on the advice of doctors, but they only know part of the story. If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you do not have to take on a typical passive-patient role. You have the power to shape your experience! Some things may help improve the course of an illness, others can ease symptoms. Even in the face of persistent symptoms and progressing illness, there are ways of shaping your experience that will allow you to live a deeply rich and fulfilling life. This work is an exploration of the many ways that you can make a difference in your own health and life, from healthy eating and exercise, to meditation, self-compassion, and beyond! Flourishing with Chronic Illness presents a holistic, mindfulness-based, love-fueled approach, infused with insights from 7 years of exploring the many ways to live life to its fullest with chronic illness. It is based on my own journey of living with Multiple Sclerosis, and the many ways I’ve found both to improve my health AND to have a deep and gratifying experience of life even when faced with extreme difficulties. We can’t control everything, but there is so much we can do!

The book, “Flourishing with Chronic Illness: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Living your Best Life with Any Diagnosis” is coming soon to Kindle! Click here to learn more and get notified when the book is released.

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