About Kelly

Anna M. Maynard


My “Story”

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 24-years old, I knew nothing about holistic health and wellness. I was out of touch with my body, emotions, and spiritual nature, was extremely self critical, and had been on antidepressants for over a decade. I was unmotivated, unhappy, and disconnected. In the nine years since being diagnosed, I’ve been amazed by the many, varying ways I have found to dramatically improve my experience of life and directly impact my health and wellbeing. I am now living a more healthful, joyful, awesome, love-filled life than I ever knew was possible and I am grateful for the opportunity to help others discover the same potential within themselves.


My Training

I have been studying mindfulness and practicing meditation since 2007. This ongoing, ever-evolving practice has been more profound than anything I could ever learn from an individual, book, or institution and is at the foundation of all of my work. In 2008, I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Mills College, which is where I first fell in love with Positive Psychology, and got a glimpse of the amazing ways we can all shape our own lives. Also at Mills, I was selected to be a part of the Institute for Civic Leadership, where I focused on studying the intersections of Psychology, Food, Wellness, and Community. In 2010, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Katz, Geneen Roth, and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities. From my training at IIN, I was able to become certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner and start my own Coaching practice. In 2011, I started my exploration of Wholistic and Sacred Sexuality, beginning with an immersion with Sheri Winston. This path has continued to unfold through my own personal exploration and with the support of amazing teachers, including recently having the honor of working closely with Amrita Grace. In 2015, I began training with Dr. Richard Miller of the Integrative Restoration Institute in iRest Yoga Nidra, a profound and unique form of meditation that is especially helpful for those dealing with chronic pain, illness, or trauma. Most recently, in 2016, I was invited to become a Facilitator for AuthenticNC, where I support people in deepening relationship with self and other, through exploring vulnerability and openhearted communication.

I am continuously exploring, expanding, and deepening my knowledge in a wide range of subjects through workshops, conferences, retreats, and the ever-amazing, awe-inspiring school of life. I’ve been blessed to work with many great teachers in the last several years, including Richard Miller, Amrita Grace, Sheri Winston, Barbara Fredrickson, Susan Harper, and Rebecca Lawson. I am eternally grateful to the many individuals who have supported me, both directly and indirectly, on this path and am dedicated to paying it forward and spreading the love!


My Approach

It’s all about being with you, in the moment. I am dedicated to meeting people where they are, so each session is totally unique. Whether we are working together through coaching, counseling, movement, or meditation, what takes form will be based on what is most speaking to you in any given moment. This is not a prescriptive, prepackaged approach, in which I tell you what you “should” be doing. This about us coming together and exploring what is going to help YOU to live your best life. I have a wealth of information and practices to draw on from many different areas, depending on your individual wants and needs.

I can help you to get more in touch with your body, incorporate more movement, pleasure, and sensuality into your life, deepen your interpersonal relationships, find a way of eating that works best for your body, get started with or deepen your meditation practice, connect with your sacred sexual nature and erotic innocence, bring more fun and play into your life; the possibilities are endless and what we focus on depends on you.

I combine knowledge from the fields of integrative health, positive psychology, mindfulness, holistic sexuality, and other areas with insights from my own spiritual, healing journey to help people learn to flourish in health and in life. I see the love, beauty, and potential in everyone and my greatest offering is in holding a loving space where people can feel that reflected back to them. I am here to help people feel fully seen and supported, accepted and LOVED, just as they are. Being seen in this way allows people to see past their old habits, past their stories about who they are and what they can do, and realize that they too embody the AMAZING potential that lies within each of us. This sets the stage for naturally releasing limiting beliefs and opening to possibilities beyond their wildest dreams.

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Flourishing with Chronic Illness

Flourishing with Chronic Illness is a special body of work, dedicated to helping people who are living with chronic conditions to see that they have the power to shape the experience of their own lives. In our society we have become overly dependent on the advice of doctors, but they only know part of the story. If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you do not have to take on a typical passive-patient role. You have the power to shape your experience! Some things may help improve the course of an illness, others can ease symptoms. Even in the face of persistent symptoms and progressing illness, there are ways of shaping your experience that will allow you to live a deeply rich and fulfilling life. This work is an exploration of the many ways that you can make a difference in your own health and life, from healthy eating and exercise, to meditation, self-compassion, and beyond! Flourishing with Chronic Illness shares the same holistic, mindfulness-based, love-fueled approach as my general work, plus added insights from 8 years of exploring the many ways to live life to its fullest with chronic illness. It is based on my own journey of living with Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia and the many ways I’ve found both to improve my health AND to have a deep and gratifying experience of life even when faced with extreme difficulties. We can’t control everything, but there is so much we can do!

The book, “Flourishing with Chronic Illness: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Living your Best Life with Any Diagnosis” is coming soon to the Kindle store! Click here for more information.


*Photo by Anna Maynard