*~ Loving Support in Explorations of Sensual Embodiment and Holistic Wellness ~*

Life is not about just getting by.

You are here to FLOURISH!

You don’t have to settle.

Even in difficult or seemingly hopeless circumstances…

You have the opportunity to CHOOSE how you live your life.


Many of us have the sense that there is SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE than what we are experiencing. We have lifetimes of old programming and conditioning, beliefs that dictate how we live our lives. What if you could step into a life beyond your wildest dreams? What if you could fully flourish? I am a living testimony that this can be achieved – coming from depression, self abuse, and chronic illness into awe, bliss, and deep, beautiful connection with life. Whether you are working with a particular health issue, or you want to live a more full and rich life overall, it can feel totally overwhelming trying to take it on by yourself. You are not alone. I am here to offer you knowledge, insight, and LOVING support on your path. There is so much we can do!!



You can:

  • Live in alignment  with your true self and connect with your power!
  • Deepen your relationships and sense of connection
  • Feel more LOVE  in your life
  • Experience more pleasure and sensuality
  • Feel more connection and vitality in your body
  • Learn to truly love, honor, and appreciate your body
  • Connect with your sacred sexual nature
  • Learn about nourishing foods that help your body to feel its best

         …And so much more!


Step into your awesome potential!
Live YOUR best life!
The possibilities are TRULY endless.

It would be my honor to help you open up to the amazing possibilities that are available to EACH of us; to the awesome potential that is ALREADY within you! Let’s connect and explore how we can work together to deepen and enrich your experience of life.

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Anna M. Maynard